• Andrew Woods


They say that life, as it occurs in the external world, is nothing but a reflection of our own inner-worlds. And those who walk through life with fear and hate in their hearts will feel only the bitter coldness of the world around them. They will encounter misfortunes and wickedness. They will sense the true meaning of loneliness. And they will forever be searching for some external flame to illuminate the darkness that exists within.

And at some point, a person might wonder:

What am I doing wrong?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, it might offer little comfort to know that everyone else has also questioned themselves similarly.

And there isn’t anything wrong with asking these sorts of questions.

Curiosity is after all a very human intrigue. Even in its most despairing form. Our need to question the world around us has been the driving force behind every feat of human accomplishment. What if we had not questioned that the Earth was flat? What if we had not questioned the impossibility of human flight? What if we had not desired to know the forces that bind our universe together?

Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to expecting answers to our questions. And maybe that’s the problem… maybe we fail to recognize that the questions themselves sometimes hold more value than the answers we seek.

Maybe the harder we search the further apart we find ourselves.

But there’s one question that is the foundation of our human experience.

Who am I?

Am I defined by the sum of all my achievements? Am I my career? Am I the balance of my bank account? Am I a parent, or a son, or a brother or an uncle? Am I an artist, or a doctor, am I a politician or a banker?

Am I the thoughts that pass through my mind? Or am I the collection of physical parts that make up my body?

Am I the stories I tell myself when they suit me most? The tales of hardships endured and chronicles of comforting triumphs?

Who am I?

And if you’re looking for an answer then I would suggest that maybe you give up that search. And maybe, in surrendering that need to know… maybe then you’ll see what you were unable to see before.

Maybe you were never who you thought you were.

Personal growth and expansion isn’t about looking outside for an attachment to define ourselves by. It’s about looking at ourselves through a different lens. It’s about looking deeper than our own skin. It’s about seeing the unseen.

It’s about the realization that life doesn’t happen to you.

Life happens for you.

Life happens through you.

You are a creator of the life you live.

And for our lives to change… we must change first. And maybe we’ve got to unlearn what we thought we knew in order to become who we want to be.

It’s a process of continuously breaking ourselves in order to rebuild into someone new.

So… who am I? And who do I want to become?

Maybe, both questions have the same answer.

We are human. We are living, breathing, feeling, desiring human beings. We are so much bigger than the names we’ve been called, or the names we call ourselves. We cannot be labeled, compartmentalized, and filed away neatly into a categorical box.

We are more…

We are life… born to ebb and flow, to rise and fall, to experience the entire spectrum of the journey. There is nothing we weren’t meant to feel, be it pain or pleasure, despair or exuberance, fear or love.

It is all a part of our own human experience.

That’s just how it was meant to be…

Just go with it. Dance the dance. And celebrate the humanness of it all. Every tear, every smile, every moment of laughter, love, heartbreak and self-doubt. Every imperfection that has so perfectly been woven into your life.

And in the end… we were born to step out into this world and roll the dice.

And that’s okay.

It’s not like we ever had much of a choice.

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